Music Means Nothing as a Thing 2009

Tropajn live at Coke Plant Jadwiga, April 2009, video available

 Live, outdoor performance by tropajn (Paweł Kulczyński - musician, sound and visual artist) near 19th century coke plant Jadwiga, in the heart of highly industrialized region of Silesia, Poland.

The aim was to present (and experience) the noisy, glitchy and ephemeral music in its closest 'natural' context and habitat, leaving regular stage far behind. It was a sunny day with a comfortably cooling rain before the event started... The plant friendly accompanied with smoke, flames and sounds, blending its presence with music as the sunset slowly turned into dusk.

Tropajn uses virtual modular synth to produce sounds often based on algorythmic composition, chance-operated beats, sophisticated live guitar processing. No samples or prior recordings, solely live, always different.

This concert was a part of the Alternatif Turistik project, hosted by Kronika Centre for Contemporary Art, curated by Marcin Doś and Stach Ruksza. Special thanks to Julia Krzyśków, Bart Hilszczański & Kronika team.