Converting a Place Into a State of Mind 2009

I've been looking for a reason to perform in this beautiful space of the former concrete plant (Cementownia Grodziec) and the 30th anniversary of its closure seemed fine (30th July 2009).

It was the first such a factory in Poland, built in ca. 1860 by the French company, and hugely contributed to the development of infrastructure across the country. Now it is partially demolished by the weather conditions, but still offers amazing sonic possibilities (reverbs, strange filtering) and theatrical boost to anything happening there (actually nothing really goes on in there ;)


Anyway, as usually I started during sunset to gain maximum effect of changing light conditions, well it worked! Sadly the camera went mad. A mere 25 persons attending were satisfied.

I'd like to thank my dear friends for making it possible!
(Marcin Doś, Bartek Hilszczański + Kronika)